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Christmas adventures at the dam

Will we have a white Christmas this year? For Boris and the boys, the question is a classic. December equals winter and cold, and hopefully snow. The anticipation and joy of Christmas brings warmth in the household, and a fireplace may help dry the wet gloves from the snowball battles.

An Aussie Christmas

For Melissa however, au Aussie Christmas (long overdue) is a family reunion under the (sometimes scorching) sun, where outdoor fun meets long summer nights. Spending Christmas at Tim & Kelly's farm, we had the most perfect day. Cousins, grandparents and friends shared a gargantuous spread of delicious food, a few glasses of bubbles (and more) and the traditional Christmas pudding. Wonderful times. But the adventure of the day was about to begin for the boys.

The Dam "lake"

Let's go to the Dam! Everyone grabs towels, flip-flops and bathers, and off we climb on the back of the ute, hats screwed on. Throw in the brand new paddle board and the small canoes, and let the adventure roll.

We drive a couple of kilometers into the fields, crossing the paddocks, where the ingenious boys had to work out the diabolical gate mechanisms to let the cars through (and run after them, as Tim was very happy to give them the old "catch me if you can" sequence). We arrive at the natural water reservoir - the Dam, which was sitting at unusual high levels for the season.

The boys end up in the water paddling away in a flash in the mirky warm waters. Don't ask what the bottom of the dam is made of (...a combination of land and the contribution from its usual occupants, aka the sheep).

After the paddling and water kicking competition, the boys wanted to do jumps. How do you jump in a natural body of water with no natural rocks, nor man-made jetties? Easy if you ask Tim! Just back the 4WD ute to the edge and jump in the (shallow) water from the top rear bar. What a blast, even the (not so light) guys had a go at it, no legs broken, thank you.

Ladies, watch out for these young lads in the coming years!

What a fabulous and perfect Chistmas day. Blessed to be able to share wonderful family times in the bush. Thanks to the Glasses for making this happen.

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