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Why we are Down Under


Think of it this way. In the last months leading up to our departure, everyone, literaly everyone praised us for doing this. Sometimes with a touch of admiration or maybe a pint of envy, but always with a genuine joy for our adventure. I guess we don't have to explain ourselves. As one of our (Aussie) mates would say, why wouldn't ya?


Boris would probably come up with a zillion good reasons to go on a 6 month trip with the family, but at the end of the day, he had no choice; the Aussie in Melissa is still firing on all cylinders and we better all get our butts Down Under sooner than later.

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We all experience a certain numbness from the daily grind. Deadlines, demands, projects, challenges, you name it. Stress is part of life and we should all embrace it, but at some stage, we may inadvertently (really?) lose sight of the essentials. The connection we share with our loved ones. The values that make us who we are. We would be fools to ignore that these things matter way more than the next meeting at work.




Everybody sees life through their own lens. What we - Melissa and Boris - share, is a desire, a drive to serve and care for others. Maybe that is part of our jobs in healthcare, or maybe it is simply part of us. But we cannot embrace this mission if we do not care for ourselves and our loved ones first. Caring is incompatible with fatigue or exhaustion. That realization is an everyday challenge, and balance is merely a nice word... We feel we owe it to our kids, our loved ones, our friends and our patients to be fit for the task so that we can care for them better and longer. But what about us?

Walk the talk, they say. Well, how about pulling a caravan in Australia.

G'day, mate!

Who dares to be next?

What the trip means to each of us

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  • Connect the children with their Aussie roots

  • Family reconnection away from work

  • Stepping back from the treadmill of life

  • See friends in Australia

  • Sharing roles and responsibilities in the family



  • ​Learn about the history of Australia

  • Explore the outback

  • See the Australian wildlife



  • Discover and explore what we cannot do on a holiday

  • Spend time with cousins and family

  • Learn about Aboriginal culture

  • An adventure !



  • Time with and for the family

  • Discover Australia, my Love's country

  • No work commitments

  • Time to read

  • Listen to music and share it with the kids

  • School of life for the children to help them develop character

  • Be healthy and fit

  • Time to reflect on projects for the future

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