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The Gojanovic family


We are "4 Down Under"

Gingins is a small village of about 1200 souls in the La Côte region of Switzerland, 25 km from Geneva. This is where we have established our home in 2015.

It is one of those perfect little places, close to everything, yet quiet and peaceful. Walk out the door and you are in the fields contemplating the Mont Blanc across the Lake Léman. Turn around and enter the magnificent forest on the slopes of the Jura mountains, and hike up to La Dôle or La Barillette. It is Switzerland, after all. Nature is stunning, everything is clean and trains are on time. People typically keep to themselves, following the rules and respecting the privacy of others.

panorama barillette.JPEG

After 6 years in Gingins, we are proud to call this wonderful place home. We are lucky to have met fabulous people in a multicultural community, and our days at home bring us joy and peace.

We are a family of four, with our two boys of 9 and 10 (ok Stanley, you are almost 11) years old. Our cat Ash completes the family.









Melissa (Glass) was born in Melbourne, Australia. She studied physiotherapy at Melbourne University and set off to travel the world. After many years, she found a second home in Switzerland, learning French along the way. Since 2015, she has been running her own physiotherapy clinic in Gingins, Physiotonic. New projects are knocking at the door.
Melissa is passionate about traveling, her friends and her family. She also has a talent for connecting and energizing people around her, especially in the local community. 
Life is too short to not shake things around and seize the opportunities.
The Glass is half full.


Boris is from Lausanne, Switzerland, born from Croatian parents. He is a sports and exercise medicine physician, dedicating his work to the promotion of health and performance at all stages of life.
As a former elite basketball player turned amateur triathlete, sports and movement has always been a key part in his life, and he tries to share his passion with others.
He is a bit of an eclectic, especially with music and books, and likes to think curiosity is one of his attributes. Although, some might say he is a workoholic (a matter of perspective, probably).

Stanley is almost 11. He loves having friends, playing basketball, watching old James Bond movies, preparing an "apéro"  and eating sushi.
He is passionate about building stuff, especially with Lego, and loves teaching himself new songs on the piano, like movie soundtracks.
He also likes animals, kangaroos and koalas, but our cat Ash above all others. 

Stan bball.jpg

Miles is 9 and a half. Movement is his thing, anytime anywhere. Participating in sports (tennis, football, athletics, handball) is always an excellent opportunity to showcase his bottomless energy. He is constantly going on an adventure, loves exploring nature, but also playing with beeping toys or video games. He admits he may be a bit crazy sometimes (we all agree). Miles can eat anything sweet, but lollies are his thing (no, don't feed him any, please!). School is also one of his favourite places, especially to play with his friends, but we are not sure the teachers see it like he does.

Miles Escalade.jpg
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